Friday, August 1, 2008

Healing Day

Today I am feeling so amazed by Gods love in my life. I feel as though He is refining me and although along the journey it is the greatest pain I might ever experience it is worth every moment and every foot step. He is replacing my eyes with his, he is opening the doors to others, who journey I cannot imagine walking, but am drawing strength from. Everyday light is shining brighter then the day before and I feel a renewed hope. I know this can only be from him as I am very weak on my own. Today I remember sweet Elizabeth and Selah, two beautiful little girls that God called to ride the wings of heaven. I am amazed how their little lives have had such an incredible impact, even though their first breaths were taken in the presence of the Almighty One. It is so like our God to take something so small and innocent and show his amazing wondrous plans through them, I hold on tightly to that truth. I am thankful for their lives, thankful to their mothers and am thankful that God has called me on this journey. Although some days it feels like a nightmare I know that he will bring morning light, and the realization that this is so far from the terrible nightmare that I may feel it is. These are the days I hold tightly onto; as I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and the wind blow through my hair I know God is whispering his promises of hope, peace and Joy. I don’t know what a day will bring but I do know that today God is bringing his healing, and I can feel it so strongly, there really are no words to describe how this feels.

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