Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blog Savvy

Just dropped Kevin off at the airport and it is always so hard, I hate being away from him and the house always feels so lonely. I am already anticipating his return. I am up this morning not only to drop of Kevin but because once again I have to go and get my blood taken to make sure my levels are staying down. I am hoping today will be my last weekly appointment and then I will just have to go monthly, what a relief that will be. The weekly appointments seem to be the hardest, I hate going and reliving it all over again, I have enough things that remind me daily that I am without my baby.

On another note, I am getting extremely blog savvy. I am sure you have noticed the music I have added, (I have picked each song out very carefully) the slide shows, the new template, the blog count, and the newest thing I have added, a site meter that monitors who is visiting. I only did this out of curiosity and it of course does not tell me the person that is visiting but rather the location. So I wanted to send out a hello to Canada, and New Zealand (these being the ones that stood out to me the most)! Of course I appreciate anyone who would take the time to watch and be a part of this journey, it really means more to me than anyone will ever realize. When I started writing, it was really just for me, and as it is still very much for me and for Kevin, it has become such an incredible outlet that really is reaching the world, who would have ever thought.

I am amazed that a journey so hard and so difficult is reaching people; it touches my heart in ways I cannot describe with words. –Thank you!

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