Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reflections Over a Sunset

What peacefulness I feel right now as I am watching the sunset. I can only hope that I can grab as much of this peace and take it home with me. Each passing second the sun drops a little more, it takes on new colors and it makes everything in its path take on a slightly golden touch. Moments like these make you reflect on things deep inside of you...

I can hear your quiet whisper,

feel your breath upon my face,

see you painting the sky vibrant colors

you are watching me, holding my hand

catching my tears, loving me.

Oh how your hand only works in magnificent ways

your eyes touch me and leave me wanting more of you

I sit quietly waiting for you

you show up in wondrous ways

you are always working, always moving, always wanting

you seek me and know me

you see my pain and your voice offers healing

you are mine and I am yours

you don't want anything more but me

I am enough for you and you are enough for me

you make me smile and you make me laugh

you place things in my life that I don't even see

you paint pictures in the sky

wash over me with your waves, taking my breath away

you are my dream, my story, my love

You are my God

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