Monday, June 16, 2014

Ramblings of June

Ok y'all I'm in heaven. I am sitting under the heat getting my foils the perfect tempt to turn my locks into the perfect color of summer! Heaven. I wish I had more time blog, I actually write some amazing my I am falling asleep. My days are just so filled, and when I do rest time (aka mommys nap) with the kids the last thing I want to do is think..about anything. 

So what do I update y'all on? The fact that all my pins on Pinterest are "gluten free" because we are starting to realize so much of Ty's sensory can be corrected with diet? The fact that I despise focusing to much on diet or food not because it's not important but because I feel like it is trendy and if you don't feed your kids organic, raw, vegan...paleo...then your labeled...heck we are not going to say no to cupcakes, or Oreos (because life is not complete without an Oreo and I am pretty certain there are Oreos in heaven...), or hot dogs on a good ol' American bun. BUT we do see that changes need to happen. So balance is the name of my game! 

Or maybe I update you on the conversation Jaden and I had about our Sweet Girl Liesl. How he is becoming so aware and so inquisitive about his story. How sometimes it makes my flesh rise up, but immediately my heart explodes with love and pride. He knows, loves, and cherishs Liesl. It is my hearts greatest cry and desire! 

Or my 11 days without Kevin. How he was in China when sweet ASA got ahold of the tablet that controls the security system and so sweetly called the fire department. How the fire truck and fireman showed up at my crazy induced house. How Ty was running in circles with a helmet and underwear on. How Asa was crying and Jaden was in awe and Karsten was the greeting team. How I met the poor, young, innocent fireman at the door, brawless, tearful and a spachela with eggs waving in his face... 
"Is there a problem here" and all I could think was "what kind of problem are talking about?" 
Seriously y'all true story. 

So I leave this update with some pics for you!