Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Small words for a big story....

When I go to write about this I feel as though I am swimming in a sea of words. There are so many words that could be used to describe our journey, but honestly...they are not, well they feel like they are not adequate or anointed or good enough. I wonder, if the scholars of Scripture often felt the same way. 

We had an opportunity to share our story.  It is such a gift to me, however. I still feel as though we failed at truly describing the sweet journey of our boy Jaden. His life, chosen, wanted, fought for. He is a little boy with BIG life journies ahead of him. How I got chosen to be his mama I will never know. 

Our journey is still not complete and I believe Gods redemptive love will shine through as He unfolds our story. For now. My heart loves these women who feel as though there is one choice. We cannot forget the women as we set out to save the baby. In fact I believe with my whole heart we are called to love the woman to save the baby. This is a life passion for me. But for now, God is calling me to stay focused on the path He has me on, the path of raising these small warriors of Gods Kingdom. 
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