Thursday, July 12, 2007


So I admit I have been a little behind on blogging. I promise you that life has been beyond crazy. One thing you can be sure of is that I miss the heck out of all of you. So what is up?? Well here a first hand interview by me with me for you!!!

Beth: So Beth how was the move?

Beth: Well it was good, it was a long drive from Colorado all the way to NC but that's okay. We stopped in Kansas and saw the world largest prairie dog and you know what??? It was a Miss leading!

Beth: Wow that is interesting I will put a note down not to visit it, at least you had fun on your journey. So what is the best thing about being back?

Beth: Probably the family. I am enjoying my nieces and nephews immensely and love seeing them daily.

Beth: Ah yes the kids, they change often. So what is the worst thing?

Beth: The obvious, being away from all my friends in CO. It has hard and I miss them. That and not having a home right now, we are staying with my parents and it is really hard...

Beth: Oh I'll bet that is hard, I really admire you for being able to do really are amazing...a hero....the best person I have ever!!!
So how long will you be with them?

Beth: Only ten more days, we bought a beautiful home and will be moving in very soon, we are so excited!!

Beth: That is exciting I would really like to come for a visit! So is there anything else?

Beth: Nope this was a great interview, I am sure I will blog again soon...until then I encourage you all to keep your eyes on God..he is the only way~

Love you!!!