Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Paths....

To be quite honest I am not sure how to start this letter, or where to begin. As I search my heart for words I come up empty and am praying that God will give me the words that are embedded deep into my heart. As I am sitting at the desk I have the song “As my Savior Leads Me” by Chris Tomlin playing on repeat because I feel like it describes our journey. The words are:

All the way my Savior leads

Who have I to ask beside

How could I doubt His tender mercy

Who through life has been my guide

All the way my Savior leads me

Cheers each winding path I tread

Gives me grace for every trial

Feeds me with the living Bread

[Chorus:]You lead me and keep me from falling

You carry me close to Your heart

And surely Your goodness and mercy will follow meAll the way my Savior leads me

O, the fullness of His love

O, the sureness of His
In the triumph of His blood

And when my spirit clothed immortal

Wings its flight to realms of day

This my song through endless ages

Jesus led me all the way

Jesus led me all the way

All the way my Savior leads me

All the way my Savior leads me

God has wrapped Kevin and I into his loving wings and carried us through some of our greatest trials, we look back and although the tears still come as we long for the babies we have lost we know we would walk it all over again if it meant that God would gain all the glory, and He has!

As I sit here and write you, my sweet and loving husband is in the back bedroom which we now call Jaden’s room, he is preparing it for his son that will be arriving in less than ten weeks! Jaden is our first blessing, he is already loved, already wanted, already desired, dreamed about and cherished, and Jaden is and will always be our first BORN! 5 months later, we will give birth to his brother or sister, our second blessing. Even to write that out now I am amazed by what God is giving us! I am 12 weeks pregnant with a second blessing that is already loved, wanted and cherished! We are amazed at what God is doing in our lives and find ourselves often times speechless to describe all that God is giving us!

I have been praying about this post, when and how to write it, the above portion of what I have written is actually part of a letter that we are sending out to our family to announce our news. I have struggled to find the appropriate words to share the exciting news but to also be sensitive to those who read my blog who I know hearts are being torn in two with this news. There is the joy that comes from knowing that someone is receiving their miracle, joy that brings hope, joy that is deep down inside….but what seems to take over in many cases is sorrow, sorrow as you remember the babies you have lost, sorrow of not knowing when, how or if you will receive your miracle, sorrow as you watch one more of those you follow cross over onto the other side.

I get it, and I hate that I am the one causing you this pain. Please know that if you are in this group, which many of you are, that I understand, and however you feel, whatever you need to do, however many tears fall…it is okay.

I have been so absent in blogging lately because once again my blog is about to take on new colors and different shades, my blog is my friend, it has been with me on this journey and as much debate as I have done I have decided that I will continue to post on this blog just as honestly as I have in the past, each turn in the journey brings new path, and this is the new path.

With that said, I understand now if following or reading is too difficult and once again I remind you that it is okay…your allowed to feel that way, I too have felt that way.

Please know that in the midst of my honest writing and updating there will be level of sensitivity as I so remember the pain and ache you are feeling, and although I may be “crossing over” as so many of you have put it, I can never leave completely after the journey God has asked Kevin and I to walk, it does not define who I am but it describes why I am the way I am.

Just know that in the midst of the journey, I have cried out for each of you, thought and prayed over you and knowing that this news will affect many of you, I can only pray that God will wrap you each into his loving wings and carry you through those difficult times and moments.


Stacey said...

I love you, I'm excited for you, and I will definitely keep reading and always keep praying! :o)

Hillary said...

Beth, WOW! First of all I have to say PRAISE GOD at his abundant blessings and congratulations. This is such happy news...so very soon you will have Jaden in arms. And to be blessed with another little one -- wow!! It is wonderful.

I didn't cry reading your post until you said I could and that it was ok. As I read your words I was filled with joy, hope, sadness, and longing...but wanted to just celebrate with you. But when you said you get it and it's ok to cry, my tears did fall. It's like when I'm sad and have held it in, but the second I hear DH's voice or feel his arms around me the emotions spill out. Somehow sympathy and love pulls it out of me, and your post was filled with so much love and empathy. Thank you. Please continue to post about your beautiful, growing family!

Libby said...

You are simply amazing!
I love calling you my friend!!!

Jesse and Mandy Peterson said...

I think I've mentioned before that I receive your blog entries in my email all of the time, but rarely write anything to you because of the format in which I read your entries. However, I wanted to take this time to extend to you my deepest congrats. I am overwhelmed constantly by the grace of God that radiates from you, and it has been a true blessing for me to read along to your story. I am so excited for you to be experiencing this miracle, two fold now! I can't wait to see what God continues to do. Congrats again!

twondra said...

I love this post....very touching. You are an amazing person and I'm so happy for you!! (((HUGS)))

Melody said...

I am, oh so happy for you guys!!!! Praising Him with ya'll for the great things He is doing.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Beth what fabulous news!! Congratulations. I'm so excited for you and Kevin.

Becky said...

Beth, I am truly amazed over what God has done. I am overjoyed for you guys. You have such a loving, sensitive heart. I so appreciate the way you shared this announcement and the thought and concern you showed for those of us who haven't "crossed over" yet. I will definitely keep reading. Personally, I like it when people keep their blog going rather than start a new baby blog. Praying for you all of you!

Indy said...

I am really super happy for you and it does not make me sad that you are getting your miracle but it gives me hope. Thank you for being transparent yet sensitive to our hearts and congratulations. Enjoy God's sweet blessings.