Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Let the rain fall! I can’t tell you what the rain is doing not only for our dry and weary land but for my soul- I need the rain in my life and I feel it describes my journey so perfectly- I have felt so dry and weary needing the Holy spirits rain- oh Let the Rain fall!

Today was such a peaceful day. Today God sent the rain to my spirit when my dear friend Susan, who walks a difficult journey of wanting a family as well, came and spent the afternoon with me. We spent much of our time curled up on the couch laughing, crying, talking, and listening. She lost her baby girl Jamie just about 9 months ago- she understands the ups and downs and feeling misunderstood and frustrated. It was such an encouragement to spend time with her and made for a perfect day! Thank you Susan!!

God is releasing peace in my life and I am taking it all in. Everyday holds a new emotion and recently it has been undeniable peace as I fall into the Grace of his hands. I am amazed by his love and astounded by his patience with me. He sends his rain by family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. I feel as though I am drenched by his healing presence. I know dry days will come and I know they will be hard, but I will wait for the rain to once again poor over me and wash me with its refreshing peace.

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