Sunday, August 3, 2008


You are the King the Almighty One
Asking me to give you my son

Wash me away with your breath
Taking away the fear of death

I must truly die to live
The only thing I know to do is give

I give you my child my king
And praises is all I can sing

You are the one I love
You truly reign above

I know these things, oh as hard as they are to believe
But when I truly let go is when I am truly relieved

You are so good so worthy to be praised
Even though I die, in you I am raised

You are God you are king
To you I sing

I am tired I am weak
You are strong you are who I seek

I am on my face there is nowhere to go
But you my father is who I know

I know my mother’s heart
You are the one that put it there from the start

I crawl into your hands
The tears fall as numerous as the sand

You count them all and save each one
You pour them out on your beloved son

And as I cry the healing comes
As bright and shining as the morning sun

I must praise you; it is the only thing I know
Not for people not for show

It is you who I love as the mountains love the rain
I need you and want you for you are who reigns


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