Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ocean full of Healing

My day started off by waking up and rolling out of bed right around 9:30am, I lazily wandered downstairs for a fresh brewed cup of coffee. I took my hot cup of Joe and walked out onto the deck, sat down in a rocking chair and let the warm sun and caffeine wake me up. As I sat there my senses were slowly awaking as well, I could see fish jumping in the water, doing a private little dance for me, smell the salty beach, and hear a distant child calling for his daddy to come see something, all the makings of a perfect morning at the beach!

I finally made the decision I would head down for some mother daughter time at Holden Beach, NC. I cannot thank my Aunt Nela and Uncle Jim enough for allowing us to use their beach home for the remainder of the week. It was not easy leaving Kevin, but we both felt this was the best time to go, and all the puzzle pieces of life were slowly falling into place for Mom and I to escape, and escape we have!

After drinking our hot drinks and visiting some on the porch we decided to tackle the beach. I was picturing it all in my mind...setting up our chairs and an umbrella, and letting the waves sedate me into 'never never land.' Mom and I packed up a little red waggon with our chairs, towels, books, hats, and sunscreen- all the ingredients for relaxation, and headed down to the beach on our little scooters. Half way there mom's scooter decided that it had enough and needed a break and resulted in mom pushing the darn thing the rest of the way-I did have to giggle a little.

We finally arrive and as we approached the beach we quickly realized this must be the week to come, it was packed! We thought about just turning around then and there, but then decided against it, we figured we would find our own little spot and be fine. Well it took us fifteen minutes or so to figure out how to set up the umbrella- we were both out of breath and sweaty by the time we finally got the umbrella up and everything in place. We plopped down into our seats and as I took in the scene around me I realized that the family right in front of us had two baby infants - one being a baby boy, which is the hardest. I turned my chair around the other direction and tried my hardest to relax a bit, but it was crazy with all the kids and family.

Finally we were so hot we decided to attempt a swim, as my feet hit the water it was amazing, so cool and refreshing, I thought to myself "now this is what I've been waiting for." Mom was following close behind, and I had just dunked my head under the water and as I came up, I realized our hard work and best effort with the umbrella had just failed us, it was blown completely over, I am sure it was a site to see. Mom and I looked at each other and decided, that was it for us, we packed all our things up and headed back to the house. I was a little disappointed and was feeling quite overwhelmed- we decided to head to the pool, and this is where relaxation found us. We spent the remainder of the afternoon just two beauties basking in the sun- pure joy!

After a fabulous dinner and some shopping we decided to head to the beach that evening and walk. That was the best time to go, there was no one there, and I decided to head to the water for a swim. This time as my feet hit the water the healing hit my soul. What an amazing feeling to be swept away in the beauty of Gods waves, I was the only one in the water and it was heavenly. Somebody great (aunt Kimmie) once told me "there is something very healing about the ocean," and that there is, and I am feeling it. I told mom tonight, in one of my tearful conversations, that maybe the ocean is made up of all Gods tears that he has wept for each one of his children, me included, and as I swam in the ocean tonight my tears were added to Gods.

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