Tuesday, August 19, 2008

27 Birthday Candles

27 Birthday candles each hold their own memories, their own tears, and their own journey.

27 Birthday candles each hold laughter, joy, and incredible moments

27 Birthday candles, have touched lives, changed hearts, and captured eyes

27 Birthday candles, have felt love deeper, joy indescribable, and sorrow untouchable

27 Birthday candles, have scars, have pain, and have healing

27 Birthday candles, was the last child to finalize a family, was a younger sister, was a pumpkin’ pie

27 Birthday candles, brought a wives heart, mothers yearning, and fathers joy

27 Birthday candles, held 27 wishes for her unborn children, her future children, and her mother’s heart

27 Birthday candles, 27 years of non stopping change, growth, and deeper passion for God

Thanks for being a part of my 27 Birthday Candles!

1 comment:

Leslee said...

Hi from a new reader. I found you through L&FCA and wanted to say "happy belated birthday." I just turned 27 as well.

I'm very sorry for your losses.