Saturday, August 9, 2008

Capturing With Your Heart

I can't believe we will be leaving tomorrow- this trip has been so healing to my soul and spirit. The Lord keeps blessing me with his wonders! This morning as I drank my coffee out on the deck and enjoyed the soft breeze and sunshine the Lord place a dolphin right in front of the house to do some dancing and jumping for me - reminding me that I should do the same not for the world but for my father! What a blessing!!! I tried to capture it with my camera but failed, the Lord gently whispered to me that some of the greatest wonders for us he does not want us to capture them by picture- he wants them to be captured in our hearts- just for us, it was a gift just for me.
Here are a few pictures I took of the sunsetting last night- it was such a blessing to watch it with my mom- the pictures do not do it justice- once again it was really just for us!

The picture below is the view from the pool we enjoyed everday!
This picture I just took- this is where I have been doing my writing, don't my feet look relaxed!

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