Thursday, July 31, 2008

Now 18 Weeks Pregnant

You are now 18 weeks pregnant….. This was a newsletter I received from one that got neglected and I forgot to cancel it. When I first found out I was pregnant, I signed up for many newsletters that inform you how far along you are and what things you might be experiencing. Hard to believe I would be close to finding out what I was having (which we know would have been a baby boy), I would be feeling little baby kicks, and we would probably have the nursery started; I would defiantly be in maternity clothes, and defiantly looking very pregnant…Hard to believe.
You never know what a moment will bring, what a second holds, or what a lifetime will teach you. You can’t change your path, but you can change how you will walk the path, that is what I face every day, how am I going to walk this path? I went to the Doctors office yesterday to ask her a few questions about how I am doing. She was so assuring and said that I am handling things exactly how I should be, she was not concerned at all which was such a blessing. It will never be easy to walk into that doctor’s office, as I round the corner and pass the room where we had the ultra sounds, memories flood my mind and I find it hard to get past it, making me relive it once again.
Some days I am convinced I will wake up and realize it was just a horrible dream, that day has yet to come, my horrible dream is reality.

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