Sunday, July 6, 2008

My New Template

I decided that because our blog has been such a big part of our, especially my life, that it needed some sprucing up and creativity. And if you are reading this you truly deserve the best, to be so kind as to read our words, and join us on the journey. As I clicked on the site to check out all the templates I was amazed at all the themes. I mean there must of been thousands of themes you could have chosen from, who in the world designs these anyways? I could do much better!! After much debate and a few tears I came across the one I thought was okay and got the Kevin nod of approval. It fit his "simple" yet "unique" appearance that he wanted, yet not portraying to much of a girly side. He was a bit disappointed when I said no to the Broncos theme. I copied the code into the blog following the step by step directions and not thinking much about it. Well as you can see it is very different and it took a lot of work to get it back to normal. Everything got erased and moved around and something that was suppose to be nice and fun was stressful and frustrating. So if you are going to change your template you can call Kevin and I for the top ten reasons why you should not change your template. However it is now up and running and I really like it, I now expect a lot of comments telling me how good it looks!!!!!! (If you tell me how bad it looks you will get a lot of tears and more frustrations. Remember I am irrational and do not take your words lightly!!)
Thank you Kev!!! You guys would be stuck looking at a mess if it was not for my amazing husband who has the patients to work everything out!


Wray's said...

i love the new look! was going to tell you last night... good job. very classy- i've looked at those templates before and its so hard to find a good one- your efforts paid off! love a

Annie said...

LOVE the new look, Beth!!! It's perfect!!

Anonymous said...

I love it, Beth! Very classy. Love, Mom (Bird)