Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Joy- My family

What a blessing my family is, especially my mom, who ministers to me the only way a mother can. She knew I was having a tough week so she came and spent the day with me. She took me shopping and out for not only lunch but dinner as well. I smiled and laughed with her and really did come out of my hole for awhile and it felt so good. As she dropped me off she sweetly reminded me that it is okay to have a “good day,” knowing this would be something I would struggle with later, and it really was a good day. I can’t tell you what a blessing it has been to have my family close by. They really have rolled up their sleeves and gotten in the mud with me, often times helping me sort through my bag of mix emotions and frustrating feelings. They have cried with me, sat with me, cleaned for me, planted flowers for me, cooked for me, and most of all, loved me each and every day right where I was at. There will never be the right words to ever thank them, I will never find away to really express how much their love has meant to me. I can’t imagine walking this without them, one of the many things I find joy in right now- my family!

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