Friday, July 11, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane with Bran Muffins!

Pappy and Grammy!
Me and Gram

I made bran muffins tonight....Grammy's Bran Muffins!

Now that might not be a very important act to you, but if you are any way related to me and know Grammy, then that struck a cord deep inside your heart and soul, probably making you pause and remember her face! My "Gram"- wonderful, kind, gentle, understanding, lovable, funny, unique, special, best friend, and so much more...are just a few things that describe Gram. She was my dads mother, and my grandmother. In the home I was born in, she and Pappy, lived in a little house right outside my home. My dad always tells the story of me waking up early in the morning, and dad taking me out to Grammy and Pappys house so that mom could get some rest. Oh Gram, to even think of her now brings emotion to the surface. When my parents moved, Grammy and pappy came with us. Dad and Mom found a house that had a huge basement that they converted into a home for them to live in. What a blessing that would be in the days to come. Pappy passed away when I was six years old. I don't remember much, but I do remember how much they loved one another, and what a strong man Pappy was, and I remember seeing Grammy cry. I know Grammy and I connected at a young age, she loved babies and she especially loved her grandbabies. As the years passed though, Grammy not only became my best friend, but I truly believe I became hers. I would spend my days at her house, playing all kinds of games, making up games, putting on shows for her, and of course going down in the middle of the night when I felt as though I just might "throw up." We were the best of buds, needing one another. As I got older I would Sneak down to her house in the late hours of the night, climb in bed with her and tell her how I would never, ever, leave her, if she promised to never, ever, leave me. She would hold me in her arms and tell me how I helped her grieve the loss of pappy, she would always say to me "I needed to be needed Bethie, and you needed me..." and oh how I did. Gram got me, talk about not having any expectations on someone Gram was that way. She never placed expectations on me, she always loved me right where I was at. Oh I miss Gram tonight, wondering often how she would encourage me on these toughest days. I dream of gram sometimes, and some of my dreams are so vivid, so real, I can literally feel her arms wrap around me, the smell of her, and her smile. One thing that I hold onto, is seeing Grammy hold my babies now. I know she is, I know she is loving them and telling them all about their mom, her Bethie. I can picture her laughing with them, and making them giggle, holding them high in the sky and embracing them. Gram was my rock in such hard times in my life. It feels as though when things now happen in my life, she should be here. Oh how I miss gram on these hard days, to be held by her again, to see her face, and feel her love, she was one of a kind, she was my Gram!
I personally think, that although I felt extremely close to Gram, each one of her grandchildren could write out a similar story based on Gram. She had a special way that made you feel like you had a unique connection just with her, that was one of her gifts!

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