Sunday, July 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Kevin and I had such a blessed weekend, thanks to Aunt Nela and uncle Jim (thank you so much!), they once again opened their home to us to escape for the weekend down in Charlotte. I appreciated it and can't tell you how perfect it was. Kevin and I don't venture out much when we get there, we usually get our "survival kit" which includes; movies, junk food, wine, and drinks, then it is just a matter of kicking back and enjoying ourselves. One of the big pulls for both of us in going to Charlotte is to visit some of our favorite, Cousins (which we missed all of you guys this time) AND...Of course stop by is our favorite place to eat! We really did have a good time and it was the first time we were away from home which actually proved to be a harder task then I originally thought it would be. It took some time making up my mind that this would be good, and even more time to actually get in the car and go. Once there I was fine but we did get tempted to "Just go home" on more than one occasion, however I did appreciate not having anywhere to be or anything to do, which you all know is my biggest thing right now..."no expectations" and we did not have any! As we pulled into our driveway today, I was so happy and content to be home, I told Kevin it was good to go, just for the feeling of getting home! It makes me realize just how much I appreciate my home, I don’t want to move (PRAISE GOD), and I don’t want to change anything right now. For all of you who think I am “trapped” in my home, I reassure you - I am far from trapped, I am so happy in my home!
I tried taking pics of our weekend but we did nothing to take pictures of. So here is the one that I did take....Kev and I sat outside and played cards for a good couple of hours....we have so much fun together!!!

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Anonymous said...

O I am so glad you had a good time guys! I was thinking about you all weekend! I love you both! Jamie :)