Saturday, June 14, 2008

A TV,Vacation, Cash, or Car

Every morning when I wake up there is always heaviness that has settled upon Kevin and I. Sometimes I just have to lay there and process all over again just what we are going through. Then I have to give myself pep talks to get out of bed. As the weekend approached Kevin was relieved to have some days off at home but also we were weary of the long days ahead, always asking the question "what do we do?" I have to be extremely careful I do not do to much still needing to rest but we are overwhelmed at being home so much.

So when we got the call that we had been chosen to win one of the four prizes listed in the title we decided "what the heck." So we awoke this morning and went and listened to an hour long talk about a vacation service, got tempted when they took the price of $9,995 for a lifetime membership down to $2,000 dollars. That's right friends, that is even better then what "the employs" get. When they gave us "a few minutes to talk over the unbelievable price" we were have tempted to do it...(they were really convincing....) but as I sat there and prayed in my heart, and looked at Kevin it was like the light went on for both of us... We are in no place to make any kind of lifetime decision. I can't even decide if I want to make the bed in the morning or if I should eat a muffin or a bagel, how in the world am I able to make a decision that would follow us around for a lifetime?

We quickly said "NO....No....thanks but no.....we just can' understand but no...." went to the door, scratched of our prize which was a 7 day vacation to Florida and Bahamas, (sounds great but not that great) and got our $25 visa gift card and left. As we were sitting in the car we both started processing all that had just happened, and made a decision right then and there that we were in no form to make any decisions for the next couple of months. Then we celebrated that we had said "NO." God is so good, still leading us and giving us direction in this difficult time. We are so vulnerable that we really need all the protection we can get. When the sales man "Rocky" asked "Why we were passing up this incredible deal" I told him that we had just lost a pregnancy and that we were in no emotional state to make decisions, that will shut them up, or make the price go down!

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