Saturday, June 7, 2008

Servants Heart

Kevin and I are both amazed at the love we have felt from every direction. In times of grief it is amazing how little energy you have to do such mindless task that usually come easy. For instance; laundry, cooking, making the bed, mowing the lawn, even taking out the trash have become monstrous task that lay at hand. I think in a way this is exactly how the Lord wants it to be, so that you find yourself in desperate need of help, so that you are in need of your Christian Family. At first Kevin and I have felt so bad asking for help, it is humbling and hurts your pride as you are admitting that you just can't do it. But as we have asked for help the out poor of love has been more then we can even fathom. Today our pastor came and mowed our lawn. As we heard the lawn mower kick up, Kevin looks at me and states how difficult this is. You feel so helpless and overwhelmed that someone would do this monstrous task for you. I think that receiving the help is almost more difficult then asking for it. We feel so loved, so embraced and so taken care of, and through each servants heart that helps with dinner, mowing the lawn, laundry, or whatever it might be, Kevin and I once again get a glimpse of the Almighty's heart.
So thank you. Thank you for loving us, for carrying us through this and for serving us in ways we never imagined. Your love, your service, your heart is helping us heal, grieve, and live.