Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still need a laugh?

Not sure what I should blog about today...so here is another video of my favorite little boy...This always brings smiles to my face, Thanks Aunt Kim!!!

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shelah said...

beth and kevin.
i miss you guys very much.
please come back soon or i will dieee :]
im really sorry about whats been going on in your lives. i miss you please come back to church soon and if your feeling better maybe you'll even come to the 4th of July celebration. i'll be there...waiting...and waiting...and waiting. every time i hear the front door of the church open i turn around and hope its you but sadly, it isnt you. :[
so when you do come back to church just look for me, the little brown headed girl with a smile to big for my face on. well im gunna go because if i dont. this whole page will be filled up :]
haha well anyways i love you guys and i hope you guys come back soon
PS keep me posted-ilyshelah@yahoo.com
bye love ya!