Monday, June 9, 2008

Moving foward

I am laying on my couch, just had a bowl of chicken corn soup brought by my dear sister, and dosing in and out of sleeping. I can't even begin to express to all of you what a relief it is to have this behind me. It went better then the dr. could have imagined. As I woke up Dr. Arcara (my Doctor who is the best!) said I asked immediately if she had to do a hysterectomy, and she replied with a "no". A flood of relief and renewed hope washed over me all at once. I am feeling better now then I have in months. My levels are already dropping and she said it looks like she got all of the "mole" out. I will journal again soon, just wanted you all to hear how well I am doing, and that your prayers were felt and appreciated. We will continue to need them as now we heal emotionally. I am rejoicing and praising my God!

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