Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day

What a very hard day for us as we grieve two losses. It is fathers day, and with this day there is so much emotion wrapped into it.

My first thought is my husband, who maybe by the worlds standard in not a father, but from my standard and Gods standard, Kevin you are very much a father. I dream of the day when Kevin gets to coach his children through life. I know Kevin will be an amazing father because of his tender heart and way to love. If you have ever met Kevin you would probably say what a "genuine guy" he is, and that he is. Kevin is humble, gentle, kind, and beyond all these things has a heart that is sold for his King. He really is my soul mate and I am so very blessed to have him as a husband. You are already an amazing gifted father Kevin, hold on to your dreams and love for your children. God has given you a fathers heart and love for a reason and one day you will pour it out on our children. I love you!

My next thought is my dad, and if you know my dad then a smile probably crossed your face as you thought about Ed Wright. How can you describe Ed in words, I am not sure you can. My dad is the best, his heart for God is indescribable and if you have ever come in contact with him then you have come in contact with Christ. He has always loved me for who I am, not wanting anything more. Always understanding my different and unique way of living life, for a lot of it comes from the way I see him living it. He takes each moment as it comes and has taken every situation and given glory to God. My dad has carried me through some of the hardest times in life, always giving me a good perspective and bringing me back to the love of Christ. I love you dad more then you will ever know, I know when you look at me, you see a lot of you, for this is one of my greatest gifts, I am glad I am like you dad!

Enjoy today dads, hug your kids a little tighter and thank God for them. I know Kevin would give the world to lay eyes on his precious children, So happy fathers day dad's for today should remind you what a gift it is to be a dad, each child being a unique miracle!

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Wray's said...

happy father's day kevin, we know this day brings joy as you rejoice over one of God's greatest gifts - and so much sorrow too- as you allow Jesus to hold your little ones. we continue to pray for you.
- a and d