Saturday, September 27, 2008

Words from Above Spoken to my Broken Heart

I don’t care how you come to me, as long as you come. I don’t care if you crawl, stumble, limp, or run, I just want you to come. I don’t want you to have anything figured out, anything planned or anything prepared, I just want you to come, Just as you are, because as you are perfect in my eyes.

What you think is a mess, I see as beauty. What you feel is awful I see as perfect, what you see as broken I see as a chance to heal. You are exactly as I want you, exactly where I want you, exactly who I want you to be.

I designed you to be just as you are, I designed you to walk this journey, I designed you to be exactly who you are becoming! I designed you with every bump, mountain and valley in mind.

You can’t mess my plans up, you just have to move, and I will do the rest.
I don’t expect anything more then who you already are, because who you are is who I love, and I love you because you are my creation, why do you feel as though you need to change this? Why do you feel as though you should be walking this journey any differently? You are walking it exactly as I designed you to walk it.

I am with you ever turn and twist, every mountain high and valley low. Every hurtful word, or comment made I will take for you, and I will turn it around and whisper sweet words of love into your ears.

I am proud of you my child, proud of the scars on your feet from the rocks cutting you, proud of the scratches and cuts on your hands, and proud of the tear stained face, because it shows you are still walking still moving, still coming, and that is all I want. I just want you to come- I will do the rest!

I love you my child-

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