Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Close my Eyes

I close my eyes and let the words overcome me, I open my heart to allow the words to flow, I let the moment embrace me and run from my flesh that hinders me, I open my heart….to see what might come out.

I run from my fears, turn from my frustrations, and try to fall freely into the hands of the Father. Lord, give me strength, wrap me in your peace, and overcome me with your words, your whisper, and your voice. Overcome me with your life for when your life is greater, my life becomes lesser.

I close my eyes to see what words will come out, to see where the Lord will take me. I let the Lord wash over me and reveal to me the deepest parts of my heart. I let him lead me, and carry me to the places that need to be revealed, oh lord reveal your truths to my broken heart, let me hear your words and know that it is your voice, oh Lord over come me for I am broken. I lose myself in your heart, in your embrace, in your voice.

I close my eyes and all I want is to see your face, to see your hand, to see your plan. I close my eyes I want to see my children, their smile, their laugh, their fingers, tows and everything in between. Oh Lord I close my eyes to escape the reality.

I close my eyes for I am ready for healing, I am ready for more of you, and I long for more of you. I close my eyes and dream of the future, seeing my husband hold his baby, rock his child, and sing to his little one. I close my eyes to see my husband teach my child how to hit a ball, how to hunt and fish, how to live a life after you. I close my eyes to see my parents as grandparents, my sister as an aunt and my grandmother a great grandmother. I close my eyes in hopes to get a glimpse of what I so long for. I close my eyes to see, to hope, to believe. I close my eyes to escape. Oh Lord…All I can do is close my eyes.

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