Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Friendship Journey

For a brief moment my house was filled with diapers, baby food, toys, crib, high chair and bottles. It was fun seeing what my house might look like one day, it was also heart wrenching at times to look around and think none of these things were for our Judah. Was it hard? No, Charlotte is a gift from the Lord, I got to be one of the first people to know Jamie was pregnant; I got to watch Jamie walk through the pregnancy and the joys that came after birth. Charlotte is a miracle and we prayed very hard for this little girl! Months before Charlotte enter the world Jamie had to open her hands wide open and give her baby girl Elizabeth Faith, to the father. I walked with Jamie on this difficult journey, never in a million years thinking I would walk one similar. Jamie is a constant source of strength, always giving me freedom to be whatever I need to be during the grief.

I am so blessed to have Jamie in my life; she has cried tears for me and in many ways ached for me like no one else. She is a gift from the Lord and neither of us knew what a gift our friendship would be in the days and years to come. We met only two years ago through our dear friend and mentor Nancy. She knew us both separately and knew in her heart that we would become good friends, however I don’t think even Nancy knew just how close Jamie and I would get. God has intertwined our hearts together in a way that is rare and special, our friendship often times reflecting the relationship Christ longs to have with us.

Jamie I love you, you are a constant reminder of the gift the father wants give even on the most difficult journeys, I don’t know where I would be without your encouragement, strength, and love. You are a source of light on some of my darkest days. I will forever be thankful for sweet Elizabeth for she is the reason we are the way we are, she is our gift and will always be your baby girl. I love you!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Beth! I just love this...I finally got to watch the video. I can't believe that song. The Willow you remember the Willow Tree by my house? - we always wanted to take pictures there. I also think of those willow tree angels we've started collecting since losing elizabeth, eddie, and judah. Oh the journey we have been on. You are a the good God used in my life and you continue to bless me. I love you deeply dear sister. Love, Me