Thursday, July 30, 2015


Sweet Zi. We got Zion a month after we were married. Look how young we were. Zi is a Skye Terrier and he is a unique bread. They only bread so many a year in the US. We didn't realize how unique Zion was until after we had him for awhile. We fell in love with Zi the first time we saw him, but his price tag was a hefty one at $1,000. We being newly weds, did not have that kind of money. We left the pet store so sad. I made Kevin call them several times that evening to see if he was still there. They told us that he would be 16weeks the next day and if he had not sold they would drop his price down to $800. Well....we still couldn't afford that. That morning we headed straight back to the pet store. Im not sure what we hoped would happen. We had 350. When we walked in, there he all his mopey, big eared self. We were in love. I held him close to two hours. And during that time struck up a conversation with a lady looking into buying a puppy. She asked me questions and we shared about how newly married we were, away from family and friends. She asked us why we didn't by Zi and we told her how much we could afford. She turned around looked the manager in the eye and said "Drop this dog down to $600, I pay what the difference of what this couple could afford." We were in awe, who does this? I'm telling you, I look for the face of Jesus everyday and He has yet to disappoint me. I can't even remember her name, what she looked like, but I remember he showing me Jesus. She looked at me and said "my husband just passed away, I can't think of a better way to honor him." Honor him she did. Zion, was a daily reminder of the amazing God we serve. He is in the details, in the business of story telling the greatest of author of unbelievable moments. Zion was a gift everyday, through my darkest of dark he was there, and in my most filled joy moments, he was there. What a friend he was. It was hard to say goodbye, and even though we knew it was the right thing he will be greatly missed.