Thursday, July 23, 2015

What Can I Do?

A couple of weeks ago when I felt The Lord asking me for my mornings I did tell Him "I don't like alarm clocks. Just wake me up..." I would like to advise you NOT to pray this unless you really mean it. He has woken me up via children...every.morning. This morning it was Kars at 4:25. I fell asleep In his bed till 5:30. And then fought the urge to crawl in bed....I am however fighting the thought of running. I am still undecided.

I'm glad I got up though. Like always He had something to stirr in my heart. This one makes me really excited and a bit uneasy. My best (Jamie) and I talk almost everyday. Many conversations about the world around us and helplessness it gives us. She has really been pressed to do something. I have been praying about what that something is. 

I do know that one of the biggest and most important things I can do is raise my 4 warriors. They will by Gods grace be generation changers and world shakers. I know that I know my job as their mom is the most valuable and most important thing in my life. I know this- and if you are a parent reading this know that for yourself as well! Do not for one second let satan rob you or fill you with lies that your "job" as parent is unimportant. 

But I also believe that God has gifted me as an Individual to influence (by His grace and for His glory) the world and people He has placed me in. This morning he led me to this sight. (Link at bottom of the page.) ifgathering. Have you heard of this? It looks amazing and speaks to my heart. One thing I have always loved that I know is a direct gift from God is prayer. I
Have seen revivals start, healing take place, and God shake the ground during prayer. It is powerful. And I can do it. And you can do it. And we can all do it. And I believe when we ALL do it, it is unshakable, unbelievable, unleashing, moment. I want and need that in my life. So....I think I need to host. I need to pull ladies from my community. We need to hit our knees. We need to influence our community....but not by our words. By His power. 

What's amazing about all of this is that I have been talking to Jesus about praying with the women around me as school starts. For our kids, for their generation. I see God using one thread to pull all these things together....

What do you think? Oh- I took the comment section down on my blog. Ha! You have to to email me- which is listed on my page but is also

Let's be world changers. I think us stay at home weary mamas can be!

His grace is daily.