Sunday, July 12, 2015

5:45am. I am up. I am also headed out for a ride this morning when the sun starts glissoning the earth. I am up. 

I am on day  5 of getting up early? I think. Ha! Yesterday it was 6:20am. Not early enough, Jaden was right behind me and Kars followed his heels. I was not able to get in my quiet time. 

Thursday afternoon. I was cooking dinner, kids were running around and Kevin walked in from work like normal, holding the mail like normal. What wasn't normal was what was in the mail.

He held out an envelope addressed plainly to "Kevin and Beth Tanner." No address, no return address. In it was this letter and a check. Y'all. This. 

We stood there, mouths propped open and hearts stirred and minds buzzing. Who? Why? Us? We just couldn't believe it. 

Both Kevin and I try so hard not to complain. We know...KNOW. Absolutely know how blessed we are. Blessed beyond our ability to even put into words. We have seen God provide time and time again. We have never had something like this. 

In my other post the other day I spoke about the expensive summer it was. One of the things this expensive summer did was force us to trim excess expense, to study our budget and make surewe are  spending  in the right places. And please hear me when I say we are by no means perfect...we still have cable y'all...and smart phones....we are just fine. We just want to be responsible with what HE has placed in our hands- at the end of everyday it is His anyway. 

Before we bought the newer van, we were 3,000 dollars away from finishing off the loan we had borrowed and accumulated when adopting Jaden. It wasn't all his loan- we also had other things that fell into that loan the last 5 years. But Jadens total adoption fees were over 20,000. I know we have only shared this with our closest friends and family. The fact that this gift was toward a that, something so close to being finished. God. Only Gods fingerprints were wrapped up in that. 

But it wasn't the check that sent goosebumps down my back and up my arms. No. The money was an extra bonus and something we feel we do not deserve. It was that letter and specially this line "The Lord loves you. He is pleased with you. He is with you. You have His rapt attention." That line. Still echoing in my heart, burrying roots deep into my soul. 

Getting up early is exactly what I am suppose to be doing. I can feel the clarity, the clouds moving aside and the rays of sun shining through. May I continue in obedience. I don't think that letter came on behalf of my getting up early. BUT I do think the timing is perfect and God the lover of details knew that too. 

And if that letter was from you, someone who reads this blog. You made an impact. And we look forward to the day when we can do the same. Thank you. 

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