Friday, July 17, 2015

Life...beautiful. Messy. Busy. Crazy. Life.

This is my view while updating the blog.
I have lacked on my early rising. Thankful His grace is sufficient and His patience is unending...and He never gives up....not even for a moment. 

We decided last minute to pack up and drive to my moms. And by "we" I mean me and the boys. Kevin had a business trip. So I ventured on my own to moms. And we made it. And it was sweet. And I'm exhausted. 

My thoughts were interrupted by this view. 
Oh my, never boring. He did actually go!

Because we went to moms it threw my "routine" off.  The last night at moms Asa woke up with croupe so I did not sleep well. Last night my husband kept me up with his snoring. Bless it. Always something. But I'll find my way back on track. I know it's what I need and I want it. 

I feel like the above picture is such a great example of my life. You can't see it well but what this is a picture of is my Bible, journal and a book I am "reading" also know as "looking at and dreaming of reading one day." Anyway. The littles took these things. Opened the fire place. Pulled out ashes and spread them all over my things. This was after I got the van and crew dressed, packed, and loaded up. Asa and Kars did this. In a matter of seconds. This is one of the many things I face in my day. They have brought in mud and sand and dumped it all over the carpet, they have painted with tooth paste, colored walls with markers, dumped sour cream all over the floor, crushed chalk into the carpet, filled toilets with dog food, painted furniture with makeup, dumped q-tips in the sink, put rolls of toilet paper in the sink and left the sink running- yeah I heard it flowing to the floor. And the listdoesn't end. And it's ok, it's my life, and it is not becaus I "let" them do these things or that I don't care. It's just my reality of having this many littles so close in age. Most days I'm ok. I love my life and really do have joy and contentment, but there are days. Those know...that leave you breathless, bruised, and with a slight twitch. Those days. When I can't keep up and feel as though I am drowning. But then I survive, my kids all live, and the next day is peaceful. So I weather through "those days" and know the peace is on the other side. The peace is always on the other side...always....but you do have to choose it, Rise above it and let yourself feel it, see it, and embrace it! So today I am choosing it. But I am also choosing this...
TV watching, pj wearing, vacuum sitting, mess staying, day. And this day will bring peace, joy, happiness. And we will live fully in it! 

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