Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a Trip

There is so much I could update you on, I think this might be the longest time I have ever stayed away from my computer. I could tell you about my drive up to PA, the roosters in the McDonalds parking lot, the cinnamon roll recipe that double out of the bread machine, Charlotte being one, my sweet conversations with Jamie, the photo shoot at Elizabeth’s grave (Jamie’s first daughter), the unbelievable conversation with my mentor Nancy, getting in a wreck on my way home on highway 81 (I am fine but my Honda accord is finally beat up…and I could have died…. I was able to steer my car to hit the guard rail and not one other car), my eight hour drive that took twelve, and then getting sick and throwing up through the night…what a trip.
In the midst of the bad drive home, I couldn’t help but think how faithful my God is, and although the drive was not the best, the time with Jamie and her family was priceless. Throughout the week I will try and sit down and really go through everything the Lord is teaching me. I first wanted to post a few pictures; I will be putting more on Moments Framed.

This is the dough for the rolls, still makes me laugh how much it made!
These are the roosters chillin in the parking lot- (I know not very interesting but I thought it was funny!!)