Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We are in Michigan

It is amazing how days, moments, and seconds can change with a blink of an eye. Kevin had plane tickets, an elk license, and all the plans for his annual hunting trip, and I had canning jars, bagel recipes, and gifts ready for my trip to my best friend Jamie’s house. Yet neither of our hearts were convinced that these were the places we need to be.

When we heard that Kevin’s grandpa was going to be having surgery to remove some cancer our hearts were suddenly by their side in prayers, thoughts, tears and conversations. I was constantly asking Kevin who was going to sit with Grandma during the surgery. God in His infinite wisdom and wonder chose Kevin and me. I am humbled and am blessed to now be sitting in a waiting room with Kevin on my right and Grandma on my left.

We made the decision to come Monday night after much prayer and were on the plane by Tuesday. There is no doubt in either of our minds that this is where we need to be.

It is amazing the turn of events in life, would my heart be so willing to come if I was six months pregnant? I don’t know. I do know that God has a plan and even in the midst of our storms and tribulations we can sit with someone else during theirs. This is what we are supposed to do.

We are doing well; we will take all the prayers we can get for Grandpa and Grandma.

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The Keels 4 said...

That explains everything. The girls walked over to give Kevin a card and see about walking the dogs. They came back quite concerned because your car was there and you didn't answer! I am glad you were able to take the trip. Please call us if we can do anything at your house. See you when you return!