Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Challenge

So there have been so many of you who have challenged me to follow in Brian's footsteps. Now as many of you know if he misses a day EXCEPT for Mondays you can comment about it and he will bring you a Pop of your choice to the next service. Well many of you have asked if I would do this as well and I have decided that yes I will join the POP a day challenge. It starts today. Now remember the rules.

1) Never on Mondays
2) Never on the weekends becuase I am not here. (This means it will be Tuesday - Friday)
2) I have to have it posted by 12:00am
3) If I am sick or out of town I will let you know ahead of time
4) You have to comment on my blog about which day I missed.

Have a fantastic day... and look is snowing!!! I am praying for six feet!!!

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