Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I just have to say I really enjoy snow!

It is amazing to me how much snow we have actually gotten. Now you have to understand I am from the good ol' south and we don't get much snow back home. In fact if it even was forecasted that the possibility of snow might happen they would cancel school, all the bread and milk would be bought out and we would turn up the heat in our home and wait for a snow flake. If that snow flake would be on the news, kids would have their sleds out and the snow plows would be out waiting to plow the one inch we might just get. I am not even joking.

So now I live in Colorado Springs, and when it snows I call the snow line because in my mind I am thinking, "who would drive in this? It is a national disaster we all need to stay in" and as that phone rings I anticipate the close of Woodmen Valley Chapel, but instead I am faced with a harsh reality "Good morning, the offices will open at there normal time!" What the Heck??? Normal Time???? Where is the delay? Why are we not staying in??? I do not understand... So I have learned to pray for at least 6 feet of snow, or snow with lots of wind, and then my dear friend, we might be able to have an amazing snow day!

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