Sunday, February 18, 2007

Relaxing in Gods beauty

I have had such a relaxing weekend. Kevin and I headed up the mountains for a long weekend with some of our amazing friends. I am not a snowboarder or skier but of course Kevin is so he and his friend John headed to the mountains. Nicole (Johns Wife) and I played our scene well, drinking coffee at Starbucks, reading books, watching movies and eating lots of junk has been amazing.

I missed all of you so much on Saturday night, thinking of you the whole time. I heard that it went well and that God was really moving in your hearts. Let me know what God taught you.

It is so beautiful here. We have a small little house that we are staying at with views of the mountains from every angle. It makes me praise God for all of the beauty he painted and created just for us. I realize that I don't stop often enough to relax and look around at where I am and what God has done and is doing. So much like life, we get so caught up in working, sports, school, and hanging out that we forget to lift our heads and see the beauty that is around us.

When I consider your heavens,

the work of your fingers,

the moon and the stars,

which you have set in place,

Psalm 8:3

I hope I live my life considering the work of Gods fingers, the moon the stars, the heavens, the mountains, the people God has placed in our lives. May we see their beauty embracing them for who they are and seeing them as Gods beautiful creation. Lets start taking moments to embrace where God has brought us and what God is doing!


Leah said...

Does the pop thing work for you too? 'Cuz you did'nt blog Friday or Saturday. If it does, it's Leah Bye, 1 of your i-group girls, i go to Rockrimmon, and I would like a Barq's root beer.

Leah said...

Ok, i know that i've already commented on th pop thing, but i just have to say that your blog IS the prettiest of all of them.