Friday, July 31, 2009

Today in the Face of a Year

As I awoke this morning I was feeling very emotional about many things. As I rolled over and peered out our big glass windows I could tell it was a rainy day, and for whatever reason I love rainy days and so I smiled. I laid there with my puppies giving me their morning wakeup snuggles and started thinking about where I was a year ago today. I could not remember but I do know that after losing Judah I updated my blog almost every day. I thought maybe I had posted something a year ago today and was anxious to see.

As I came down stairs and opened my windows, turned on my computer and started my coffee (don’t worry half and half) I began to think about all God has done in my life over the last couple of years, two losses and two blessing all within two years, is that not so hard to comprehend, is that not a story only our God could write?

As I opened my blog I had to giggle, I have only written 38 post in 2009, in 2008 I wrote 157, you can tell my healing as been accomplished and although there are days my arms ache for my unborn babies my heart is rejoicing in all God has done. I scrolled through past post, which is always hard for me to do, it is hard to look back at some of my darkest days. I know I would never trade them but the impact of them has forever changed me in ways I could never express with words. Finally I find July 31, 2008, check it out…it truly is a miracle.

Every Monday I start a new week, and this Monday I will be starting my 18th week, I will be finding out soon what I am having although we already know it is a little boy, baby Ty. I am wearing maternity clothes, my nursery is completed and in the wings of a couple of weeks I will be bringing home my first born son Jaden Daniel. Today in the face of a year ago, look at where God brings us look at what God does.

I know many of you are waiting for your miracle, many of you a baby, maybe a husband that will fall on his knees in worship to his king, maybe a job, who knows, but hold onto hope, because God does not do anything on our time. It is a miracle that I am expecting two babies in the face of a year, how could this be? Only by Gods perfect writing, He is the great “I AM” “The Author and Creator”, “the Beginning and the End.” Hold onto not what you face in today but what God can do in tomorrow!


Melody said...

WOW!!!!! AMAZING! I love to see glimpses of God's master plan like these two posts reveal. So glad you decided to look back and share it with us.

Annie said...

WOW... truly amazing to read. isn't it unreal to think that none of this is a surprise to god... all a part of his PERFECT plan.

Libby said...

All I can say is I love ya lady!!!
I am so happy to see you happy again.

Michelle Hill said...

A lot changes in a year....God is truly faithful!

Hillary said...

That is amazing!!! We serve a good, gracious, and powerful God. Thank you for your encouragement!