Friday, August 7, 2009

We are Getting Close

Liesl called me Wednesday night she is over 3 cm dilated, and although she could sit at that for three weeks we are defiantly in the “on the go” mode! After a lot of prayer we decided I will head out there Saturday and spend the remainder of my time with her and her family. This way no one will be stressed that I will not be there, including Kevin and I.

I am not looking forward to being away from Kev for what could be three weeks; I know in my heart that this is the best decision for everyone. I also know that the extra time with Liesl will only deepen our relationship and prepare her for the loss she is about to experience. I am hoping we can both be open about some of fears and expectations.

I will try to keep everyone as informed as I can, but prayer is needed above all right now! Looking forward to announcing the birth of Jaden in the coming days!!!


Stacey said...

So great, Beth! Can't wait to hear the news of Jaden's arrival. Hope you have safe travels and a great time with Liesl. Keeping all of you in my prayers! Love ya.

Libby said...

I love you my new bff!!!

Ryan & Amber said...

Praying for you and so excited to hear the news!

Hillary said...

Praying for you, Liesl, and Jaden!