Thursday, November 20, 2008

Unexpected Vacation (well for me...)

What a surprise! Kevin called a couple weeks back and asked If I wanted to join him on a business trip to Indiana, and then head up to Michigan to spend Thanksgiving with his grandparents. I was super excited about the idea, and so we waited to see if it would really happen. Kevin called Monday and asked if I would be willing to pack up and leave Wednesday, and I was! Since this is a business trip they rented us a car and will pay for a hotel and food, so off we set for an eight hour drive and a two week semi vacation!

We will be here in Plainfield Indiana for a week, where I will spend all my days in the hotel with the dogs (yea we got to bring the dogs!!), without a car and nothing to do, which is exactly vacation to me! I plan on getting a lot of reading done and sleeping in. God is so good to give us this surprise trip, and to be able to come with Kevin on a business trip is such an unexpected blessing. I will miss him during the day but it is so nice that we have our evenings together.

I will miss my family at Thanksgiving, and am sorry Kevin and I will not be there, but I am so blessed to be able to spend it with his Grandparents, of both sides. We are also anxious to see Grandpa since he just went through another round of surgery to try and locate the cancer. He is doing well, and we are really looking forward to more time with them

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Stacey said...

Happy reading, sleeping, and relaxing! Sounds wonderful!

Hope you guys have a happy Thanksgiving too!