Friday, November 14, 2008

Embracing the Season

The cold weather has made its presence known. Almost all of our leaves have fallen, and the holidays are nibbling at our toes, making people anxious to start the Season. As for me, I am not looking forward to the hallmark holiday, the Christmas trees, lights, decorations as I normally do. I am looking forward to meditating on Christ and celebrating a miracle that saved me. I am especially fond of the sweet story of Mary this year, as she lived out my hopes and dreams, unexpectedly. December is fast approaching, the end of our six month wait, and the due date of our little boy feels as though it is right around the corner.

I can’t be sure how I will handle this Christmas season, last Christmas season was just as hard as our due date was January. Seems it has put a new perspective on celebrating for Kevin and me, as we celebrate with great heaviness upon our shoulders. Each holiday commercial reminding us that we have no children to shop for, no great surprises for our little one, no picking out the toy you know they so desperately want. We don’t have children to curl up with in front of the tree and tell stories; I am not able to hug my belly in anticipation of meeting my second one, this is not the reality in which we live in this season of our lives.

We do have Christ to hold onto, Christ to find joy in, and Christ to provide strength for the tough days ahead, where everything seems to enhance family and children. We will embrace this holiday season, but probably a bit differently than those across the street or down the road, our house will be filled with joy and sorrow, as celebrate Christ’s birth and the loss of our child.

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Anonymous said...

Our due date was 16th Dec, Im dreading the day. Christmas is supposed to be such a happy time but infact its such a sad time for many. xxx