Sunday, February 22, 2009

Your Very Best

Remember to pause my music at the bottom of the screen before watching the clip!

I have watched this movie over and over again, and the scene above is one scene that has stuck with me over the years. Sometimes I feel like God is leaning over me in life and yelling the things that the coach is yelling. I feel like he encourages me and asking me constantly to give him my very best...

I feel like quiting sometimes, especially in this journey of wanting a baby, some days are just so hard. I often times feel like I have yelled to God that I can't do anymore- "it hurts," "it is to hard" and God continues to yell at me not to give him my VERY BEST, and He continues to encourage me every agonizing step I take.

I know that one day I will hold a baby in my arms- until that moment, as hard as it may be I will continue to do my very best!

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Libby said...

I just cried watching a football clip....what is wrong with me???

That was amazing! I need one of those with me everyday to remind me to keep me blinders on and just give Him my very matter how much it hurts.

Thank you Beth!!!

Michelle Hill said...

Hello my sweet friend! Just wanted to say thanks....I'm thankful for you.
Thought you should know!

The Keels 4 said...

That is my favorite part of the movie!!!

Becky said...

I love this movie and that scene in particular! I watched it for the first time right before I had my first IF treatment and it was such a good reminder that with God nothing is impossible. I was thinking as I watched this clip that right now I am blind-folded and I have no idea how far along I am on this journey through IF, whether I am at the 10 yard line or almost to the end zone. But God knows and He will see me (and you) through it, I just have to press on. Thanks for the reminder!