Friday, April 25, 2008

April 25 2008

Well, what can I say I am in complete awe of Gods power. I am writing this post but will probably not post it for a couple of weeks. If you are reading this post now then you are just finding out that I am pregnant! I wanted to write down my thoughts only have found out a couple of minutes ago so I wont forget what I am feeling in this moment.


I got up this morning and it is day 41 in my cycle with only a little cramping but still no sign pregnancies. I decided I would go ahead and take a test just to make sure. Kevin is a smart husband and after a couple of months after we lost Eddie he noticed how many pregnancies tests we went through. So he got online and order packs 25, they are tests without the plastic and have no real name brand...they are kind of funny but I sure go through them. I decided just to use one of those, it came up neg. pretty quick and as always I was disappointed and through it into the trash and went about my day.


I went by to see Daniel Bradley and Wendy. They have been such huge believers and encourager's in my life. They remind me all the time to not put my faith in what I see. Wendy asked how I was doing and if I had gotten my period yet. I told her no but I also told her that my pregnancies tests were coming up negative. She and Daniel of course rebuked those words and said they do not put their trust in pregnancies test but in the Lord. Daniel also reminded me that doubt always enters when we are not in the Lords presence and I really had not been in the Lords presence the past couple of days, I have been letting satan remind me of the past and hold me there. Satan has no power over us, I quench every fiery dart the wicked one slays against me......


Kevin and I have been having a relaxing evening. not much happening at all. We were getting ready to leave to go walk around Lowes so I ran upstairs to go to bathroom, I decided to check the pregnancy test -- I really cannot tell you why but I dug it out of the trash and held up and what to do I see but a positive preg. test. I called Kevin upstairs disbelief of what I was seeing. He was not sure what to think either so I quick pulled out a regular pregnancy test of of the closet to see what it would say. As Kevin and I waited those few seconds we could not believe what our eyes were seeing. There on the pregnancy test were two beautiful lines making a beautiful cross! It was positive.


I am amazed, why do we doubt our big and amazing God? We had specifically prayed that this would be the month that I was pregnant, that I would not have to get my fallopian tube tested...and I am. It was so unexpected which is exactly how the Lord loves to work~

We will keep you posted on this new journey of ours!

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