Friday, April 25, 2014

Quick update

Hi y'all! Know so so so many of you (sarcasm) are so so so very I interested in our very crazy life (sarcasm...lots of sarcasm!). 

We are all doing well. You can so see Gods preparation for us. Each step, each decision, ever detail God has gone before us and made the transition so beautiful. Even the hard moments, the difficulties with the kids, and the moments I miss "home" so much have been beautiful, I can feel Gods overwhelming presence and peace. Truly moments that are so tangible and so real, I can't help but rest in them. 

We closed on our house in NC last week. I thought I would be nothing but joyful, and I was so joyful but there was a sadness too...truly is no longer ours. We got our closing here on our house (oh yeah did I mention we found a house??) moves up, we will be in our new home NEXT Thursday! My heart is so overcome with gratitude, this house has so much space for my sweet boys to grow in. I can't even begin to imagine how awesome (it will be to clean...) it will be  to watch my boys in this house! We are all so very excited about this new adventure. 

We also found a church! Never In a million years did I think we would find a church home so quickly, but again one more reminder of how God loves details and story writing. My sweet Ty goes every Sunday with a skip in his step and a smile on his face, y'all this does my heart so much good.  The community has embraced us and loved us so naturally I honestly forget sometimes how new we are. So looking forward to our journey of growing along side of them!  I had specifically prayed that the first church we went to would be "our church," we did not have the option of church hopping because I know it would of been to hard on the kids. So thankful that God is in the details of my boys life, a reminder to let go of them...

Thanks to all of have prayed and cheered us on!!! 

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