Thursday, April 3, 2014

From Anchored to Jumping

I honestly don't know how to title this post, or how to find the words to describe this journey...this move.  When this opportunity for presented its self we pretty much said "no" right away. I was still pregnant with Asa, and we just couldn't imagine anywhere but Asheville to raise our family.  We had passed up a huge career move for Kevin when Volvo closed its doors in Asheville and move to PA, we really felt so anchored in our house, church, friends and family that moving just was not an option. And I believe it wasn't, for that moment. I am so thankful, that we did not stay in that moment. That we didn't allow those comforts to be our anchor. I do believe that three years ago staying was exactly what we were suppose to do, God was anchoring us, for that moment. As time passed, God started untying that anchor slowly one string at a time and before we knew it we were freed.

When the opportunity came again for PTC we still initially said "no." However, it became clear that our reasons were no longer God reasons, that the time had come for our family to take a leap of faith. The cliff was high, the rocks jagged and rough and extremely scary, but God was asking us to jump. This is mine and Kevin's fifth move in our almost 10 years of marriage. The past 4 moves only affected us, but God was asking me to jump with my children....and that takes on a whole new meaning of scary.  I just wasn't sure I was making the right choice.  Each one of my children were comfortable, happy and growing fine where we were.  They loved having their family and cousins right next to them (and I especially loved it). They were doing well with their schools, especially our sweet Ty...and God was asking me to jump, but to jump without holding onto my children- to allow them to jump as well....and to trust the Caregiver. And it was hard. Really, Really hard.

The week before this move was an onslaught of tears and emotion. I was a hot mess (just ask my BFF's) it was not pretty. I was all over the board and the bottom of it all was complete, uncontrolled fear. Its that feeling you get right before a roller coaster are waiting in line, first excited, then a little fearful, and you even have those crazy (what if I am the one person that falls out) thoughts. As you get into your seat you are mixed because you know it is going to be a blast but you kinda love/hate that first drop. Once we pulled out of our driveway on Sunday, I was at peace. The first drop...was done. And although I did not know what the rest would hold I was excited to see.  It was like that from that moment on and  it has been nothing but amazing...pure amazing!

Things like the grumpy old man who came to fix my ice maker sharing about the schools. How Peachtree City schools are the best in the States for special programs offered to children with Autism and special needs...To calling a church to get information and the sweetest girl from the church being the hands and feet of Jesus, bringing me coffee and flowers, just because. And it doesn't stop there.. Jaden whent to Awana and LOVED it, the Womens Bible study offered is doing the exact book that I have been reading- they are one week ahead of Kevin getting to spend an hour with the pastor while dropping Jaden off.  We have an offer in on a house that got excepted for 14 less then the asking price, and our house appraised for more then we needed....I don't understand it, but I am thankful, so so thankful.

I know this is where we are suppose to be, I know that Gods favor and provision is beyond my wildest dreams, and I know it is all because we were willing to jump, to let go and to watch as our children jumped as well. God is taking care of their needs before I could even think or pray about them...

I hope our story comfort's those who feel as though they  being asked to jump into a situation that seems to hard to scary....because when it is right, and is beyond your wildest dreams. 

It is all God, for His glory, for His name for His story...I am just thankful!

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The Swann's said...

Woah! You're in Peachtree City, GA?! We are in Hampton, temporarily. Moved from Charlotte..... Miss it terribly! Our 3.5 yr old often asks to go back too even though we moved from having just friends to having family here. Would love to meet up one day. We are regulars to chickfila and the one in PTC has a nice outdoor playground. :-)