Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Eddie Boy

You are our first little one, I remember the first time I found out I was pregnant with you and joy filled my heart. From the moment I found out I was in love with you. I would sit and dream about what you would look like and what we would name you. I only got to experience you growing within me for 17 short days, they were precious and heart wrenching as we felt deep within that God was going to take you to be with him. You were ten weeks old, had little hands with ten little fingers and little feet with ten little toes, you had a beautiful heart beat and the Doctors say you were an active baby growing big because you made my levels rise so high. You have influenced our lives making us appreciate every moment God gives us. You were and still are a gift that no one can ever take away, you are precious to Kevin and I and we love you now and will love you every day until we get to see you in heaven. You made me a mother and for that I am forever grateful. Happy birthday little one!

1 comment:

wright said...

we cannot wait to meet little eddie one day! what a tremendous testimony you have...
thank you for sharing your heart, beth!