Monday, May 19, 2008

Dumpster Diving (you know you want too....)

Oh I just have to share this story with you guys. Last week I went and visited my good friend Jamie, and what a week it was. First of all I drove eight hours down there last Monday; this actually was not that bad. Once I got down there it was great and Jamie and I had so much fun. I even got to see Jodi which was a blast.

Now many of you don’t know this but Kevin and I have actually become amazing dumpster divers. What is this you may ask? Well here is the correct vocab for exactly what we do… “Dumpster diving is the practice of sifting through commercial or residential trash to find items that have been discarded by their owners, but which may be useful to the Dumpster diver.”
Oh gross you may say, but actually you would be surprised as to what Kevin and I have found here are just a few examples….

Webkinz (8 brand new) beanie babies, L.L Bean bags (brand new), Toys still in package, Christmas ribbon (brand new), folders and cards, paper shredder, office chair (still in box worth $200), Rope, knee pads (for working on laying floors and stuff….a kev find!) lights, blankets, craft supplies, dog food, dog treats, dog toys, burts bees soap, organic body wash, calendars (2008) and the list goes on.

I have actually taken loads of stuff to Goodwill just to get back into the system. Where do you go? May be the next question on your mind, well we go all kinds of places however our most successful visits have been, Michaels, Office Max and Depot, Kmart, Dollar General, Hallmark….
We go late at night and we try not to draw any attention. I looked this up to see if this was illegal and could not find anything that says so, so we always just try to stay in the dark and leave when we see someone coming. It is a rush and so much fun.

Now while in PA I had told Jamie about this and she was just dying to go, and so was her neighbor who is 7 months pregnant. So we decided to make it a girls night out and we go dumpster diving. Jamie’s husband was having a hard time with this and was afraid we would get arrested, however when Jamie brought home a Leather office chair still in the box he was a little more encouraging the next time we decided to go.

We kept joking that it would be so crazy if we did get arrested….but I never thought cops would really pull us over. However we decided to go by one last place and we noticed a cop in front of all the stores, we thought it would be no big deal because we go behind the stores. Jamie was out of the car with a head lamp on looking through a dumpster when we see the cop car pull around the corner. We yelled for Jamie to get back in the car but by the time she did his lights were already on and his spot light was right on our car. We were all flipping out not sure as to what would happen. Before he comes to our door, three other cops show up with there lights on us and we are completely surrounded.
The cop approaches my car with his flashlight and is very unhappy to see us, when asked what we were doing I say… “Have you ever seen the Oprah show?” (Note to all who know I gave up Oprah, this is before I banded he show…just so you know”)
Cop replies “Uh…yes?”
Me “Well a couple of months ago she had this show on about freegans and well these people go….”
Cop “Don’t tell me you girls are out dumpster Diving?”
All of us “Yes…is this illegal?”
He just starts laughing tells all the other cops that they can go, that three girls, one who is pregnant is dumpster diving. He sits and talks to us for almost 20min about all the great stuff he has found and the dumpsters to check out. Checks our id’s and sends us on our way. It was an exciting night but not as exciting as my next day.

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