Monday, May 19, 2008

Every Second Counts

Part II of my story

I got up early the next morning before my alarm was set to go off, to get ready to leave. As I was lying in bed I was talking to the Lord about how each second of my day is planned. If I left ten minutes later maybe I would hit a car that would not have been there If only I had left ten minutes earlier. So I was asking the Lord what time he wanted me to leave. I got up packed up and headed on my eight hour drive. An hour down the road I pulled over and threw up, not a great start to my day. I must of pulled over a hundred times to pee and every place I pulled over it was an exit where the gas station was 2 miles down the road. Then I pulled over to fill up my 64 ounce jug of water with ice, and of course had to go to the bathroom so I took my heavy jug in with me. Not wanting to put it on the floor I propped it up on the toilet paper thing just for a second so I could get situated then I was going to hold it, but I did not get the chance to hold it because it fell and hit my eye and gave me a one inch gash and a swollen eye. I sat and cried and kept asking the Lord why this trip home was so hard. I finally pulled into my driveway 10 ½ hours later. Stressed, bruised and upset, but home. Kevin’s cousin was in town and they decided to go and get pizza so I decided to take a walk. The dogs and I started our walk around our neighborhood when I turned down a street and saw a young girl, all dressed up sitting on her luggage, a ton of luggage. I first passed her and noticed she was crying but would not look at me, when I came back around I asked her if she was okay. She quickly said no and told me she needed to charge her phone and the only way she could do that was with a car because she only had a car phone charger. I told her I would get my car and come back to her. I quickly walked home called Kevin explained what was happening and got in the car. As I pulled up, her first response to me was “thank you for coming back..” I asked her if there was anything else I could do and she asked if I would take her to the airport and I of course said yes. So we stuffed all her luggage in my car and started our short drive.
I asked her what was wrong and here is her story….

“….I am from Chicago, I was working for a pimp when he became abusive. I tried to get away but could not afford to go anywhere until I met a family here in North Carolina who said they would give me a job and help me out. So I came here and lived with them and trusted them but they stole all my money and all my things and kicked me out and told me to never come back again. I don’t know anyone here so I did know who to call. Now I am worthless, I have sold my body, given everything away and have nothing to show for it. I am worth nothing and can never do anything with my life, who is ever going to want me.”
As I sat there and listened to her in awe, my heart began to break with the fathers love. There was no condemnation, no judgment, all there was, was love. There was nothing but pure heartbroken love for this child of God. So I told her that, I told her that Jesus loved her that he was crying out to her and he did not care about her past he wanted her future. She said that her parents would fly her back to Chicago if she would go to school and live at home and that was what she was going to go and do. I dropped her off at the airport with my phone number a hug and an I love you. As I pulled away I prayed for this child, that she would know Christ, because that is all that matters.

Then I was reminded of my day, how from the start I gave my day to God for him to use. So now I challenge you, the next time you get stopped in traffic, are running late, get behind a slow person or things don’t go as planned, open your eyes up to what the Lord is doing, because you don’t want to pass the person God wanted you to meet because you were to concerned about the meeting of dinner you were running late for!

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