Monday, August 31, 2015

I have yet to find my groove with school. But it is coming! It is so crazy and beyond surreal that I have school aged kids attending public school. The school the boys are attending is exactly 1mi away. I love this. I love that Kevin gets to do the morning routine with them and take them to school. I especially love this because I get to stay in my pjs longer and drink my coffee slower. 
School has been such a blessing! I love the boys teachers and I see the benefits of the boys being in school. Ty desperately needs it for routine and structure and Jaden loves the social interaction. Jaden even told me "mom home is so boring, school is so fun!" I couldn't ask for anything more! 
First day of school pic! 

Karsten also started school two weeks ago. This was hard on me...and him. But needed. He loves to be with us and struggles with separation anxiety. He is also very much a "middle" child. One foot in the little camp and one fit in the big camp. I can see him struggling. He needs to be in an environment that's focused on him a bit. The first two days were hard, but you can see the confidence growing and his excitement for school becoming more and more evident! 
I'm so proud of him and excited for him! 

This is also a great change in my norm because it gives me some alone time with Asa! We spend it most times running and at the park! 
For now that's a wrap! 

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