Monday, December 1, 2014


I can't help be so overwhelmed by the response in regarding Gabe! Seriously y'all, I wasn't anticipating even one like, but to have so many of you be as excited as I am has blessed me to no end. Gabe is still and experiment. What I do know doing it again for the second time is that
1) They remember
2) The more fun you have the more fun they have
3) Gabe is awesome leverage i.e. "Gabe just told me if you don't stay in bed he will not do anything special for you tonight” (Awful, but wonderful.) 
4) You will forget to hide the star…it happens especially towards the end of the 25 days.
5) You will not be able to do Bible reading every night…some nights just get crazy. It’s ok, just pick up where you left off and move on.
6) You will lay your head down at night and remember you forgot to have Gabe do something….
7) You will love the excitement and wonder on your kids faces as they try to figure out how Gabe did that, and if he is really real.

God is revealing and releasing all kinds of idea for me regarding Gabe and this whole experience. I have no idea how or when He will allow me to incorporate them but I am excited to continue to experiment with y’all which make is too much fun…so thank you!
I am still very much in the process of Gabes story, really not knowing exactly how it will come together. I’m not sure his story will be ready this Christmas season, but I pray and anticipate maybe next time.   Kevin wanted something to read from Gabe tonight but I didn't have anything for him. To be honest I am currently battling a severe case of strep…ugh. So my energy level is a bit on the low side.  Stick with me though.  My dearest friend and I are working on Gabes story, so if I can get it finished I’ll get it you all to see what you think! Keep sharing, I have enjoyed having friends doing it with me this year! Yay for more years to come!!!  


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