Friday, December 5, 2014

Gabe's upcoming Events

Hi Friends! We are 5 days into our Advent season. How sweet of a time it is. Whatever it is you decide to do remember it is not to late, and to have fun!  I wanted to give you a few of things that are to come for our Gabe so you could use them if you choose to. Also, I get several of my ideas from online and even Elf of the Shelf. Although I do stay away from Gabe being naughty, I try to focus on fun sweetness.

1. Gabe will leave bags out for the kids to fill with toys they do not play with anymore. He will leave a letter explaining he knows several little boys who do not have much for Christmas. And that Christmas is not all about getting but also giving. The next morning he will leave chocolate coins in the place of the bags. We donate the toys to a local ministry.

2. Gabe brings them each an ornament that is special and unique to them. One they will put on the tree for years to come.

3. Gabe will leave a ticket to see lights (I just print a fake ticket and we hit the neighborhoods) and they will have pop corn and hot chocolate.

4. We have done the angle tree in the past and I allow Gabe to be the one that leaves a letter about the child and the Christmas list he has. We then enjoy taking the older boys to the store to help pick out the gifts.

5. Gabe will leave a Christmas movie for a family movie night.

6. And this idea I just recently got off of Pinterest, He will hide candy canes all around the living room for them to find.

I hope you are having a good time with your Gabe. I am praying that this Christmas is the sweetest one yet, filled with memories and excitement and a whole lot of Jesus!!  I so have loved any and all feed back you have given!!!


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