Saturday, June 19, 2010


I don't have a slide show, I don't have anything up my sleeve, I don't have any surprises...but I do have my words... my blog is the closest thing I have to the world knowing just how blessed we are today to celebrate you as a dad!

I don't have to relive with you the journey it took to get here, I don't have to remind you of the tears or express to you the heart ache, because all we have to do is look in each others eyes and we know. We know the birthdays of all 4 of our boys, and the days may pass with very few words spoken about it, but it is okay because we don't have to speak it to know it.

What I do want to express I don't even think all the words in the world would truly help me to describe the type of father and husband you are... but I am willing to try...

Kevin I love....
the way you love God and seek Him with your whole heart
the way you love me
the way you love the boys
the way you play with Jaden, building a tower and asking me to “look and see what Jaden built”
the way you talk to Ty “Hey dude whats up?”
the way you show Christ not only to us but your whole family and friends
the way you sing to the boys every single night “Lord your beautiful....”
the way you pray with the boys every single night “May they come to hear your voice at a young age..”
the way you care for all of us
the way you provide for us especially for me so I can stay home...thank you Kevin
the way you read to Jaden and Ty
the way you invest your time family always comes first
the way you keep me in track with the boys schedule
the way you make me a good mom
the way you try to be perfect in all that you do
the way you have grown in being a Daddy....

Kevin, you truly are one of God's greatest gifts, I would not have Jaden or Tyler if it was not for you. We are blessed beyond words to call you husband and Dadadadadaddaaaaaaaaa....

I look forward to all that lies ahead, with the boys and our future. I don't know what God has in store for us but I know that as long as I get to live it and walk it with you I am ready for it.

Today is a day for us to say thank you, we became a father with Eddie and Judah, but you became a daddy with Jaden and Ty!

We love you!!!


Sammy said...

Happy fathers day- what a wonderful Daddy!

Libby said...

Too sweet! You are both amazing!!

Rebekah said...

Thank you so much for the email. You are so amazing! Its been quite a discouraging day, so your comment really made me feel good. Your family is beautiful!!!

Stacey said...

Just precious. What a special day for you and Kevin!