Friday, March 20, 2009

Constantly Amazed

I am constantly amazed by Gods abundant love and amazing grace towards His children. Almost a year later of finding out I was pregnant I find myself without a child to hold and call my own but in a place of deep love for my Father.

If I must walk through the fire to see my Fathers face I would do it a hundred times over. Kevin and I have needed this time to get close to one another but also find abundant healing in our Fathers embrace.

I love the ocean, I love Gods creation, I love the love Kevin and I have for one another and I love feeling Gods healing breath upon my face and in my spirit. The trip to Florida has been such a blessing, we have enjoyed family and God beauty.

Tonight we ate out and we sat on a the deck right on the water, once again God sent dolphins to dance for us while we enjoyed our meal. It seems that He is sending them often because we saw them today while sitting out on Kevin's grandparents deck. After we left dinner Kevin and I walked down to the water for a moment and enjoyed the sunset. "Why is it I am enjoying this trip more?" I asked Kevin, his reply summed up our experience through our loss "I think we appreciate things more..."

We do appreciate things more, because we know what it means to lose something so precious and dear to you.

Don't worry I will have pictures soon!


Stacey said...

So great, Beth! I'm very happy that you two are having such a nice time. Such a great observation - this situation does make you appreciate things more: good memories, happy days, a great spouse, and special friends mean more to me now than ever before!

Love ya.

Libby said...

Missing you girlie!! Have a wonderful refreshing time!

Hillary said...

I am so glad you are enjoying your trip. I pray it is rest for you and your soul!